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DJ Doors Rock Ghotico


 45 Grave Party Time
 Adrana The Old Guardian
 Alien Sex Fiend Dead And Buried
 Amberian Dawn Lost Soul
 Amberian Dawn River Of Tuoni
 Amy Lee Corpse Bride With You By
 Amy Lee Going To California By Led Zeppelin
 Ancient Bards The Birth Of Evil
 Angel Of Darkness Holyhell
 Anne Clark Our Darkness
 Ansoticca I M Alive
 Arkona Brate Slavyane
 Arkona Odna
 Arkona Slavsia Rus
 Arkona Zakliatie
 Autumn In Helen 66 Breaths
 Autumn In Helen Le Dormeur Du Val
 Baby Jane My Behavior
 Babymetal Karate
 Bauhaus Shes In Parties
 Beautiful Sin This Is Not The Original Dream
 Billy Idol Eyes Without A Face
 Blackrain Killing Me
 Blackthorn The Blackness I Prowl
 Blutengel & Meinhard Kinder Der Sterne
 Blutengel Angels Of The Dark
 Blutengel Krieger
 Blutengel Reich Mir Die Hand
 Buckcherry Crazy Bitch
 Buckcherry Dont Go Away
 Buckcherry Lit Up
 Buckcherry Say Fuck It
 Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria
 Cassandra Complex God John
 Children Of Bodom Antisocial
 Children Of Bodom Hell Is For Children
 Children Of Bodom In Your Face
 Children Of Bodom Rebel Yell Billy Idol Cover
 Children Of Bodom Talk Dirty To Me
 Children On Stun Cats Or Devils Eyes
 Children On Stun Downfall
 Children On Stun Sidelined
 Children On Stun Whiskey A Go Go
 Clan Of Xymox Louise
 Coronatus Fernes Land
 Coronatus Schnee Und Rosen
 Corpse Bride Piano Duet
 Crematory Auf Der Flucht Infinity 2010
 Crematory Black Celebration
 Crematory Broken Halo
 Crematory Infinity
 Crematory Never Look Back
 Crematory No One Knows
 Crematory Out Of Mind
 Crematory Sens Of Time
 Crematory Where Are You Now
 Cronicas De La Luna Negra
 Danse Society Angel 1984
 Danse Society Come Inside 1984
 Danse Society Light Years From Home Rolling Stones Cover
 Danse Society The Hurt
 Dark Empire The Alchemist
 Dark Sanctuary Cristal
 Dark Sanctuary De Lumiere Et Dobscurite
 Dark Sanctuary La Complainte De Sally
 Dark Sanctuary Le Paradis Noir
 Dark Sanctuary Lemprisonnee
 Dark Sanctuary Lombre Triste
 Dark Sanctuary Night Rain
 Dark Tranquillity Atoma
 Dark Tranquillity Neutrality 2016
 Dark Tranquillity The Science Of Noise
 Dark Yearning Violin Rain Song By Max Ablitzer
 Daughtry Crawling Back To You
 Daughtry Its Not Over
 Daughtry Over You
 Daughtry September
 Daughtry Waiting For Superman
 Dead Can Dance Frontier
 Debaucherys Balgeroth Blutgott Blitzkrieg
 Deine Lakaien Love Will Not Die
 Demon Hunter Dead Flowers
 Demon Hunter Follow The Wolves
 Demon Hunter I Will Fail You
 Demon Hunter The Last One Alive
 Diary Of Dreams She And Her Darkness
 Diary Of Dreams Tears Of Laughter
 Die Form Masochist
 Dimmu Borgir Sorgens Kammer De
 Dimmu Borgir The Sacrilegious Scorn
 Diva Destruction Bed Of Lies
 Diva Destruction Enslaved
 Diva Destruction Glare
 Diva Destruction In Dreaming
 Diva Destruction Lover's Chamber
 Diva Destruction Prey
 Diva Destruction The Broken Ones
 Diva Destruction Youre The Psycho
 Dracula Hands Of Your God
 Dracula Masquerade Ball
 Dracula True Love Through Blood
 Dracula Under The Gun
 Dreamstate Feat
 E Nomine Das Tier In Mir Wolfen
 E Nomine Lucifer
 E Nomine Mondengel Moon Angel
 E Nomine Padre Nuestro
 Edge Of Sanity Sacrificed
 Einsturzende Neubauten Z N S
 Ektomorf Holocaust
 Ektomorf You Cant Control Me
 Elysion Awak
 Elysion Bleeding
 Elysion Breakfree
 Elysion Changing
 Elysion Cheezy Movies
 Elysion Dont Say A Word
 Elysion Dreamer
 Elysion Fairytale
 Elysion Killing My Dreams
 Elysion Loss
 Elysion Made Of Lies
 Elysion Never Forever Silent Scream
 Elysion Someplace Better Cover
 Elysion The Promise Cicao
 Elysion The Rules
 Elysion Transparent By Alba Rossa
 Elysion Weakness In Your Eyes
 Elysion Weakness In Your Eyes Silent Scream
 Embersland Where Are You
 Embraze I Was Made For Loving You
 Emmure Protoman
 Emmure Solar Flare Homicide
 Epica Angel Of Dead
 Epica Cry For The Moon
 Epica Deep Water Horizon
 Epica Feint
 Epica Illusive Consensus
 Epica Memory
 Epica Never Enough
 Epica Quietus
 Epica Requiem For The Indifferent
 Epica Resign To Surrender A New Age Dawns
 Epica Seif Al Din
 Epica Serenade Of Self Destruction
 Epica Solitary Ground
 Epica Storm The Sorrow
 Epica The Last Crusade And Unleashed
 Epica The Phantom Agony
 Epica Thephantom Agony
 Epica This Is The Time
 Epica Unleashed
 Era Ameno
 Era Divano
 Evanescence Before The Dawn
 Evanescence Breathe No More
 Evanescence Bring Me To Life
 Evanescence Like You
 Evanescence Lost In Paradise
 Evanescence Surrender
 Evanescence Understanding
 Evanescence You Letra
 Fallen Arise Eternity 2013
 Fallen Arise My Last Breath Ft Bob Katsionis
 Fallen Arise White Crystal Angel
 Felt Primitive Painters
 Fields Of The Nephilim Chord Of Souls
 Fields Of The Nephilim Endemoniada
 Fields Of The Nephilim Last Exit For The Lost
 Fields Of The Nephilim Love Under Will
 Fields Of The Nephilim Moonchild
 Fields Of The Nephilim Phobia
 Fields Of The Nephilim Preacher Man
 Fields Of The Nephilim Shiva
 Fields Of The Nephilim The Watchman
 Flowing Tears Razorbliss
 Flowing Tears Serpentine
 Grauzone Eisbaer
 HIM In Joy And Sorrow
 HIM Join Me In Death
 HIM Right Here In My Arms
 HIM Shatter Me With Hope
 HIM The Sacrament
 HIM Wings Of A Butterfly
 Heidevolk Saksenland
 Heidevolk Vulgaris Magistralis
 Him Buried Alive By Love
 Him Buried Alive By Love Love Metal
 Him Circle Of Fear Love Metal
 Him Dont Fear The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult
 Him Soul On Fire (love Metal)
 Him The Path Love Metal
 Him This Fortress Of Tears Love Metal
 Him Wicked Game Chris Isaak Cover
 Him Your Sweet Two Decade Of Love Metal
 Hinder Better Than Me
 Hinder Get Stoned (uncensored)
 Hinder Lips Of An Angel
 Hinder Without You
 Holyhell Apocalypse
 Holyhell Eclipse
 Holyhell Gates Of Hell
 Holyhell Haunted
 Holyhell Holy Water
 Holyhell Invictus
 Holyhell Last Vision
 Holyhell Lucifers Warning
 Holyhell Prophecy
 Holyhell Revelations
 Holyhell The Fall
 Holyhell Wings Of Light
 Human Drama Loves Way
 Human Drama The Waiting Hour
 Ignea Alga Female Fronted Symphonic Metal
 In Flames Only For The Weak
 In Flames Take This Life
 In Flames Trigger
 In Flames When The World Explodes Ft Emilia Feldt
 Jardim Do Silêncio Solitario
 Jinjer I Speak Astronomy
 Jinjer Just Another
 Joachim Witt Aufstehen
 Joachim Witt Bis Ans Ende Der Zeit
 Joachim Witt Die Flut Witt & Nik Page
 Joachim Witt Eisenherz
 Joachim Witt Es Wirbeln Die Aste
 Joachim Witt Feat
 Joachim Witt Fluch Der Liebe
 Joachim Witt Frühlingskind
 Joachim Witt Gloria
 Joachim Witt Hande Hoch
 Joachim Witt Immer Noch Und Nie Vergessen
 Joachim Witt Lebe Dein Leben
 Joachim Witt Mein Herz
 Joachim Witt Ohne Dich
 Joachim Witt Sag Was Du Willst
 Joachim Witt Unsere Welt
 Joachim Witt Wem Gehrt Das Sternenlicht
 Joachim Witt Wie Oft Muss Ich Noch Sterben
 Joachim Witt Wieviel Mal Noch
 Joachim Witt Winterwald
 Joachim Witt Zeit Zu Gehen
 Joy Division She Lost Control
 Katatonia Deliberation
 Katatonia Evidence
 Katatonia Lethean
 Katatonia My Twin
 Keldian God Of War
 Keldian Heart Of The Sun
 Keldian Hyperion
 Keldian Reaper
 Keldian Redshift
 Killing Joke Love Like Blood
 Lacrimas Profundere A Pearl
 Lacrimas Profundere The Letter
 Lacuna Coil Aeon
 Lacuna Coil Angels Punishment
 Lacuna Coil Comalies
 Lacuna Coil Daylight Dancer
 Lacuna Coil Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode Cover
 Lacuna Coil Entwined
 Lacuna Coil Heavens A Lie
 Lacuna Coil Humane
 Lacuna Coil Self Deception
 Lacuna Coil Swamped
 Lacuna Coil The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
 Lacuna Coil The Prophet Said
 Lacuna Coil Tight Rope
 Lacuna Coil Unspoken
 Lamb Of God 512
 Lamb Of God Ruin
 Latromodem Calafrios
 Latromodem Das Sombras
 Latromodem Fuga
 Legenda Aurea Vengeance
 Leichtmatrose Feat Joachim Witt Hier Drüben Im Graben
 Little Face The Cult
 Liv Kristine Love Decay Feat Michelle Darkness
 Lordi Blood Red Sandman
 Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
 Lordi It Snows In Hell
 Lordi Supermonsters
 Lordi The Riff
 Lost Boys The Tribe G Tom Mac Cry Little Sister
 Lucifer & Chloe In The Air Tonight
 Machine Head Davidian
 Malaria Your Turn To Run
 Marilyn Manson This Is Halloween
 Melodic Death Metal The Nomad Faceless
 Metalwings Crying Of The Sun Cicao
 Michelle Darkness Love Will Tear
 Michelle Darkness Pet Sematary 2007
 Mono Inc & Cicao Weit
 Mono Inc Children Of The Dark feat Tilo Wolff Joachim Wit Chris Harms
 Mono Inc Cicao
 Mono Inc Feat Eric Fish A Vagabonds Life
 Mono Inc From The Ashes 2012
 Mono Inc Gothic Queen
 Mono Inc My Deal With God
 Moonspell Extinct
 Moonspell Malignia
 Moonspell The Future Is Dark
 Myrkur Ulvinde
 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Mercy Seat
 Nightcore In Despair
 Nightingale Alonely
 Nightingale Chasing The Storm Away
 Nightingale Eye For An Eye
 Nightingale Losing Myself Edge Of Sanity Cover
 Nightingale Nightfall Overture
 Nightingale Remorse & Regret
 Nightingale Shadowland Serenade
 Nightingale The Dreamreader
 Nightingale The One
 Nightingale To My Inspiration
 Nightwish & Floor Jansen Last Ride Of The Day
 Nightwish 10th Man Down
 Nightwish Angels Fall First
 Nightwish Astral Romance
 Nightwish Astral Romance Remake 2001
 Nightwish Away
 Nightwish Beauty And The Beast
 Nightwish Bless The Child
 Nightwish Bye Bye Beautiful
 Nightwish Come Cover Me
 Nightwish Crownless
 Nightwish Dead Boys Poem
 Nightwish Dead To The World
 Nightwish Elan
 Nightwish Elvenpath
 Nightwish End Of All Hope
 Nightwish Etiainen
 Nightwish Ever Dream
 Nightwish Fantasmic
 Nightwish Feel For You
 Nightwish Gethsemane
 Nightwish High Hopes
 Nightwish Know Why The Nightingale Sings
 Nightwish Lappi I Eramaajarvi
 Nightwish Moondance
 Nightwish Nemo
 Nightwish Nymphomaniac Fantasia
 Nightwish Ocean Soul
 Nightwish Passion And The Opera
 Nightwish Planet Hell
 Nightwish Sacrament Of Wilderness
 Nightwish She Is My Sin
 Nightwish She Is My Sin Floor & Tarja Duet
 Nightwish Slaying The Dreamer
 Nightwish Sleeping Sun
 Nightwish Sleepwalker
 Nightwish Stargazers
 Nightwish Swanheart
 Nightwish The Carpenter
 Nightwish The Kinslayer
 Nightwish The Phantom Of The Opera
 Nightwish The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
 Nightwish The Riddler
 Nightwish This Moment Is Eternity
 Nightwish Walking In The Air
 Nightwish Wanderlust
 Nightwish Wish I Had An Angel
 Nightwish Wishmaster
 Nina Hagen Ziggy Stardust
 Nox Arcana Mystic Circle
 Nox Arcana Night Of The Wolf
 Obey The Brave Live And Learn
 Obey The Brave Raise Your Voice 2014
 Omnimar Reason
 Opera De Nuit Ami ! Amant
 Opera De Nuit Invitation 1986
 Opera De Nuit Possession
 Opera Multi Steel Cathedrale
 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio A World Not So Beautiful
 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio I M B E C I L E My Idiot Lover
 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Kiss My Apocalips
 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Three Is An Orgy Four Is Forever
 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Who Stole The Sun From Its Place In My Heart
 Peter Murphy A Strange Kind Of Love 1989
 Peter Murphy Crystal Wrists
 Peter Murphy Cuts You Up
 Peter Murphy Deep Ocean Vast Sea
 Peter Murphy Final Solution
 Peter Murphy Marlene Dietrichs Favourite Poem
 Peter Murphy Seven Veils
 Peter Murphy Shy
 Peter Murphy The Line Between The Devils Teeth
 Pink Industry Extreme
 Placebo A Million Little Pieces
 Placebo Every You Every Me
 Placebo Infra Red
 Placebo Meds
 Placebo Protege Moi
 Placebo Pure Morning
 Placebo Running Up That Hill
 Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
 Placebo Song To Say Goodbye
 Placebo Special K
 Placebo The Bitter End
 Placebo The Never Ending Why
 Placebo Without You I M Nothing
 Placebo you Dont Care About Us
 Poesie Noire Pity For The Self
 Poisonblack All Else Is Hollow
 Poisonblack Exciter
 Poisonblack Love Infernal
 Poisonblack Raivotar
 Project Pitchfok Antidote
 Project Pitchfok Echoes
 Project Pitchfok The Dividing Line
 Project Pitchfoksplice
 Project Pitchfork 2nd Step
 Project Pitchfork Beautifu Logic Strings
 Project Pitchfork Blood Diamond
 Project Pitchfork Blood Stained
 Project Pitchfork Box Of Steel
 Project Pitchfork Carrion
 Project Pitchfork City Night
 Project Pitchfork Cold Heart
 Project Pitchfork Compliance
 Project Pitchfork Conjure
 Project Pitchfork Dead Cities
 Project Pitchfork Drone Assembly
 Project Pitchfork Endless Infinity
 Project Pitchfork Entity
 Project Pitchfork Existence
 Project Pitchfork Fire & Ice
 Project Pitchfork Firetrap Live
 Project Pitchfork Fleischverstärker
 Project Pitchfork Io
 Project Pitchfork Jupiter Or Somewhere Out There
 Project Pitchfork Karma Monster
 Project Pitchfork Lam Bras
 Project Pitchfork Lament
 Project Pitchfork Lightwave
 Project Pitchfork Mute Spectators
 Project Pitchfork Ocean Of Whispers
 Project Pitchfork Rain
 Project Pitchfork Renascence
 Project Pitchfork Requiem
 Project Pitchfork Resist
 Project Pitchfork Run For Cover
 Project Pitchfork Silent Scream
 Project Pitchfork Song Of The Wind
 Project Pitchfork Souls Extended Version
 Project Pitchfork Star Child
 Project Pitchfork Storm World
 Project Pitchfork Tale Of A Walk On The Ice
 Project Pitchfork The Abeyance
 Project Pitchfork The Island
 Project Pitchfork The Refuge
 Project Pitchfork The Swamp Of Secrecy
 Project Pitchfork Thoughts And Fear
 Project Pitchfork Timekiller
 Project Pitchfork Wish
 Project Pitchfork Your Cut Feather
 Project Pitchfork Zeitfalle
 Ragnarok Murder
 Rammstein Mutter
 Ravian Lay Of Solace Live Unbaco Metal Finale 2013
 Ravian The King Is Dead
 Royksopp What Else Is There
 Satyricon Fuel For Hatred
 Satyricon King
 Satyricon To Your Brethren In The Dark
 Scream For Tina Eleven Eleven
 Screams For Tina 1111
 Screams For Tina Chrysanthemum
 Screams For Tina Devils
 Screams For Tina In Her House
 Screams For Tina Life Of Sin
 Screams For Tina Ranjipur
 Screams For Tina Sacred Heart
 Screams For Tina Standing In The Rain
 Screams For Tina Suffer
 Screams For Tina Un Chien Andalou
 Secret Rule Imaginary World
 Seduced By Suicide As The World Falls Down David Bowie Cover
 Seduced By Suicide Enlightened Dawn Of Death
 Seduced By Suicide How Do You Do
 Seduced By Suicide I Was Made For Loving You
 Seduced By Suicide I Was Made For Loving You kiss Cover
 Seduced By Suicide My Best Just For You
 Seduced By Suicide My Sweetest Choice
 Seduced By Suicide Our Gothic Dream
 Seduced By Suicide Still Near
 Seduced By Suicide The Death Of My Life
 Seduced By Suicide Enlightened Dawn Of Death
 Seether Fake It
 Seether Pass Slowly
 Seether Sympathetic
 Seether The Gift
 Serenity Age Of Glory
 Serenity For Freedoms Sake With
 Serenity Legacy Of Tudors
 Serenity Matricide
 Serenity Royal Pain
 Serenity Royal Pain Boste Vocal Efeito
 Serenity Shining Oasis
 Serenity Symphony For The Quiet
 Serenity Tannenberg
 Serenity The Art Of War
 Serenity The Chevalier Feat Ailyn
 Serenity When Canvas Starts To Burn
 Serenity Wing Of Madness
 Sex Beat Sex Beat
 Sex Gang Children Sebastiane
 She Sells Sanctuary By The Cult
 Siouxsie Banshees Halloween
 Siouxsie Banshees Monitor
 Siouxsie The Banshees Head Cut
 Siouxsie The Banshees Into The Light
 Siouxsie The Banshees Night Shift
 Siouxsie The Banshees Sin In My Heart
 Siouxsie The Banshees Spellbound
 Siouxsie The Banshees Voodo Dolly
 Sisters Of Mercy, Dominion Mother Russia
 Sisters Of Mercy-more
 Sisters Of Mercy Dr Jeep
 Sisters Of Mercy No Time To Cry
 Sisters Of Mercy Temple Of Love
 Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion
 Sisters Of Mercy Under The Gun
 Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope
 Soft Cell Tainted Love 1981
 Solitude Aeturnus Heaven And Hell
 Solitude Aeturnus Scent Of Death
 Solitude Aeturnus Tomorrows Dead
 Soulfly Prophecy
 Specimen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
 Swallow The Sun Cathedral Walls
 Tanzwut Stille Wasser Feat Liv Kristine
 Tears Of Heaven At The Dawn
 The 69 Eyes Beneath The Blue
 The 69 Eyes Betty Blue
 The 69 Eyes Dance D Amour
 The 69 Eyes Dead Girls Are Easy
 The 69 Eyes Devils
 The 69 Eyes Framed In Blood
 The 69 Eyes Ghost
 The 69 Eyes Gothic Girl
 The 69 Eyes Lips Of Blood
 The 69 Eyes Lost Boys
 The 69 Eyes Never Say Die
 The 69 Eyes Night Watch
 The 69 Eyes Perfect Skin
 The 69 Eyes Rocker
 The 69 Eyes Sister Of Charity
 The 69 Eyes Some Kind Of Magick
 The 69 Eyes The Good, The Bad And The Undead
 The 69 Eyes Track Susperia Snow White
 The 69 Eyes Wasting The Dawn
 The 69 Eyes Wings Hearts
 The Birthday Massacre 2012
 The Birthday Massacre Calling New Song 2012
 The Birthday Massacre Cover My Eyes 2012
 The Birthday Massacre Down
 The Birthday Massacre In This Moment 2012
 The Birthday Massacre Leaving Tonight 2012
 The Birthday Massacre Need 2012
 The Birthday Massacre One Promise 2012
 The Birthday Massacre Play With Fire 2012
 The Birthday Massacre The Long Way Home 2012
 The Crow Fade To Black
 The Cult- Lil Love Trooper
 The Cult Beyond Good And Evil
 The Cult Dark Energy
 The Cult Lil Devil
 The Cult Love
 The Cult Love Removal Machine
 The Cult Northern Man
 The Cult Painted On My Heart
 The Cult Rain
 The Cult Sonic Temple Sweet Soul Sister
 The Cult Star
 The Cult Sun King
 The Cult Wild Flower
 The Cult Wild Hearted Son
 The Cult Yes Man
 The Cure Boys Dont Cry
 The Cure Burn
 The Cure In Between Days
 The Cure Just Like Heaven
 The Cure Lovesong
 The Cure One Hundred Years
 The Cure Pictures Of You
 The Danse Society Heaven Is Waiting
 The Danse Society Red Light Shine
 The Danse Society The Night
 The Danse Society The Seduction
 The Danse Society Valiant To Vile
 The Danse Society Were So Happy
 The Danse Society Where Are You Now
 The Horrors Something To Remember Me By
 The Jesus And Mary Chain April Skies
 The Mission Uk Severina
 The Mission Wasteland
 The Reaper Metal Cover By Leo Moracchioli Dont Fear Cicao
 The Sisters Of Mercy- Flood Ii
 The Sisters Of Mercy 1959
 The Sisters Of Mercy Afterhours
 The Sisters Of Mercy Alice
 The Sisters Of Mercy Body And Soul
 The Sisters Of Mercy Doctor Jeep
 The Sisters Of Mercy First And Last And Always
 The Sisters Of Mercy Lucretia My Reflection
 The Sisters Of Mercy Marian
 The Sisters Of Mercy More
 The Sisters Of Mercy Teachers Adrenochrome
 The Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion
 The Wake Nazarene
 The Waterboys The Whole Of The Moon 1985
 The Young Gods Envoye
 This Mortal Coil Song To The Siren Cocteau Twins
 Thunderstone At The Fet Of Fools
 Thunderstone Blood That I Bleed
 Thunderstone Counting Hours
 Thunderstone Dodge The Bullet
 Thunderstone Ghosts Of Youth
 Thunderstone Suffering Song
 Tones On Tail
 Toxicrose A Song For The Weak
 Toxicrose I Drown In Red
 Toxicrose Reckless Society
 Toxicrose We All Fall Down
 Toxicrose World Of Confusion
 Trees Of Eternity A Million Tears
 Trees Of Eternity Black Ocean
 Trees Of Eternity Broken Mirror
 Trees Of Eternity Condemned To Silence Feat Mick Moss Of Antimatter
 Trees Of Eternity Gallows Bird Feat Nick Holmes Of Paradise Lost
 Trees Of Eternity Hour Of The Nightingale
 Trees Of Eternity My Requiem
 Trees Of Eternity Sinking Ships
 Trees Of Eternity The Eye Of Night
 Trees Of Eternity The Passage
 Trisomie 21 Alice
 Trisomie 21 Breaking Down
 Trisomie 21 Coming From The Darkness
 Trisomie 21 Il Se Noie
 Trisomie 21 Joh Burg
 Trisomie 21 La Fête Triste
 Trisomie 21 Logical Animals
 Trisomie 21 Night Flight
 Trisomie 21 See The Devil In Me
 Trisomie 21 The Last Song
 Trisomie 21 Theres Something Strange Tonight
 Tristania My Lost Lenore
 Tsjuder Ghoul
 Tsjuder Mouth Of Madness
 Tsjuder Sacrifice Bathory Cover
 Tsjuder The Lord Of Terror
 Type O Negative Christian Woman
 Type O Negative Love You To Death
 Type O Negative My Girlfriends Girlfriend
 Type O Negative Wolf Moon Underworld
 Ultimatium Ces La Vie
 Ultimatium Curtain Of Darkness
 Ultimatium Hold Your Ground
 Ultimatium I Remember
 Ultimatium Shine On
 Ultimatium Who Stole My Winter
 Unheilig Astronaut
 Unheilig Das Luftschiff
 Unheilig Feat
 Unheilig Freiheit
 Unheilig Goldene Zeiten
 Unheilig Helden
 Unheilig Herz Aus Eis
 Unheilig Ich Will Alles
 Unheilig Ich Will Leben
 Unheilig Maschine
 Unheilig Mein Berg
 Unheilig Mein Stern
 Unheilig Menschenherz
 Unheilig Phonix
 Unheilig Sage Ja
 Unheilig Schutzengel
 Unheilig Sieh In Mein Gesicht
 Unheilig Wellenbrecher
 Unheilig Winter Chants Feat Gregorian
 Unisonic Blood
 Unisonic Exceptional
 Unisonic Find Shelter
 Unisonic For The Kingdom
 Unisonic Id Die For You
 Unisonic King For A Day
 Unisonic Night Of The Long Knives
 Unisonic No One Ever Sees Me
 Unisonic Renegade
 Unisonic Star Rider
 Unisonic Throne Of The Dawn
 Unisonic When The Deed Is Done
 Unisonic Your Time Has Come
 Unzucht Nela
 Vampirica Credo De Un Vampiro
 Vampiros Amor Vampírico I Te Extrano
 Vision Of Atlantis Return To You
 Vision Of Atlantis Seven Seas
 Visionatica Lilith
 Visionatica Never Will Die
 Visionatica She Wolf
 Visions Of Atlantis At The Back Of Beyond
 Visions Of Atlantis Flow This Desert
 Visions Of Atlantis Maria Magdalena
 Visions Of Atlantis My Dark Side Home
 Visions Of Atlantis Nothing Left
 Visions Of Atlantis Passing Dead End
 Visions Of Atlantis The Poem
 Visions Of Atlantis The Secret
 Visions Of Atlantis Through My Eyes
 Visions Of Atlantis Wing-shaped Heart
 Visions Of Atlantis Winternight
 Vnv Nation Arclight
 Vnv Nation Beloved
 Vnv Nation Chrome
 Vnv Nation Epicentre
 Vnv Nation Illusion
 Vnv Nation Illusion Dollface By Andy Huang
 Vnv Nation Nemesis
 Vnv Nation Nova
 Vnv Nation Perpetual
 Vnv Nation Solitary
 Vnv Nation Testament
 When Trees Leave Wolves Blackened Flow 2015
 When Trees Leave Wolves Driving 2013
 While Heaven Wept Living Sepulchre
 While Heaven Wept The Death Of Love
 While Heaven Wept To Wander The Void
 While Heaven Wept Vast Oceans Lachrymose
 Within Temptation All I Need
 Within Temptation Angels
 Within Temptation Bittersweet
 Within Temptation Fire And Ice
 Within Temptation Forgiven
 Within Temptation Frozen
 Within Temptation In Perfect Harmony
 Within Temptation Iron
 Within Temptation Memories
 Within Temptation Never Ending Story
 Within Temptation Our Farewell
 Within Temptation Overcome
 Within Temptation Pale
 Within Temptation Restless
 Within Temptation Say My Name
 Within Temptation Somewhere
 Within Temptation The Last Dance
 Within Temptation The Swan Song
 Within Temptation Towards The End
 Within Temptation Utopia
 Within Temptation World Of Make Believe
 Within Temptation Whole world Is Watching Ft Dave pirner
 Wolfheart Boneyard
 Wolfheart Routa Pt 2
 Wolfheart Zero Gravity
 Wuthering Heights Beautifool
 Wuthering Heights Demon Desire
 Wuthering Heights Faith Apathy Divine Part I
 Wuthering Heights The Raven
 Xandria Blood On My Hands
 Xandria Call Of Destiny
 Xandria Call Of The Wind
 Xandria Cursed Neverworlds End
 Xandria Euphoria
 Xandria Forevermore
 Xandria Keep My Secret Well
 Xandria Nightfall
 Xandria Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall
 Xandria Soulcrusher
 Xandria The Dream Is Still Alive
 Xandria The Lost Elysion
 Xandria The Nomads Crown
 Xandria The Sailor And The Sea
 Xandria Valentine
 Xandria When The Mirror Cracks